Alimony in California| Spousal Support (Guide) 2023

Most couples can hash out difficult issues like child custody, property division, and child support without going to court in most divorces. When it comes to alimony, however, many spouses want legal assistance. Spousal support, often known as alimony, is a series of payments given by one spouse to the other during the divorce process … Read more

Alimony in Pennsylvania (PA)| Spousal Support (Guide) 2023

A divorce can be incredibly stressful and heartbreaking. Before the divorce can be finalized, there are numerous concerns that must be handled. Child custody issues must be resolved, including who will look after the child’s day-to-day requirements and how child support will be provided. Calculating spousal support or alimony is another component of divorce that … Read more

Alimony in Texas| Spousal Support (Guide) 2023

Spousal support, often known as alimony, is money paid by one former spouse to the other to help financially sustain their ex-partner. Spousal support is distinct from child support and can be given regardless of whether or not children are involved in the divorce. While some may believe alimony is a bygone era, it can … Read more

Alimony in Alabama| Spousal Support (Guide) 2023

It’s no secret that going through a divorce may be emotionally draining, but it can also leave you financially drained when everything is said and done. The court may grant you alimony if you require financial assistance during or after your divorce and your spouse is able to provide it. In Alabama, alimony, also known … Read more

Alimony in New Jersey| Spousal Support (Guide) 2023

One of the most controversial problems in divorce is alimony. Everyone believes they are entitled to it, but no one wants to pay it. Alimony was originally designed to enable women who had put their professions on hold to support their husbands and care for their children from becoming financially impoverished. The higher-earning spouse was … Read more

Alimony in Arizona| Spousal Support (Guide) 2023

Divorce is painful and emotional, but many couples can avoid long, drawn-out divorce trials by resolving significant divorce-related issues without the assistance of a judge. However, even the most settlement-minded spouses frequently come to a stalemate when it comes to negotiating ongoing financial assistance, which is one of the most contentious issues in divorce. Spousal … Read more

Alimony in Michigan| Spousal Support (Guide) 2023

If you’re thinking about filing for divorce or your spouse has already done so, you’re probably wondering how you may get some relief from your financial troubles. In Michigan, spousal support (commonly known as alimony) can be requested if the asking spouse can show a financial necessity and the other party can afford to pay. … Read more

Alimony in Ohio| Spousal Support (Guide) 2023

Spousal support, often known as alimony, is a court-ordered monetary payment made by one person to his or her spouse or former spouse. Spousal support can be temporary (ordered by the court while your divorce is proceeding) or permanent (ordered by the court once your divorce is finalized). The original intent of Ohio divorce laws … Read more