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Child Support Calculator Colorado | Guidelines – 2024

To wrap up children’s basic needs, both the parents have to contribute a part of share from their income for helping the child. It enables the child in the future when in need.

It is a kind of security of the child, which allows them to get stuck with something in the future. The basic needs covered in favor of child share are their food, clothing, housing, and education.

The amount for the help is counted based on both the parent’s income. If one is earning, he has to give the exact expected amount for retaining on the responsibilities.

In case the parents are separated or divorced, they both have to pay a supportive amount for their children. To calculate the amount, one can use the Colorado Child Support Calculator.

This calculator helps to know the amount parents need to contribute to their child’s future essential requirements. To learn more about this calculator, stay connected with the details we will discuss right below here in the forthcoming paragraphs.

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How to calculate child support in Colorado?

To calculate the amount, parents can use the child support calculator Colorado. In Colorado, there are some specific guidelines; one behalf, the amount has been calculated.

In case the court did not use the calculator of Colorado for the calculation; in that case, the guidelines can help the court to decide what should be the amount according to what child support guidelines.

Either is about calculating the supportive amount or to modify the amount; it is a great idea to use the Colorado Calculator for helping the child in their future circumstances.

Different aspects must be included to know the amount, but it’s great to take an average estimation to initiate the calculation. There is a separate state of Colorado child support calculator, which can help calculate the amount. Ensure that the parents download the calculator in their system.

To calculate the exact amount, it is good to consider some of the important factors. So the factors to consider are:


  • The amount is calculated based on gross income, not net income.BAS and BAH are included in the income of parents who belong to the military.
  • The benefits of VA are not taxable, but these are included in the calculations in the income.
  • In a few cases, the parents do not work; but that does not set the income to $0. In that case, the court decides to choose the potential of imputing income. It includes the minimum wage of $2080 minimum. In this case, a few exceptions and factors consider which considers the potential income of parents. Their potential income is also based upon their education, history, and local market work.
  • When the parent’s income fluctuates, in that case, the court decides average child support, Colorado. The average amount can be estimated through the last year’s income tax return or the current year income till the date.
  • If the parents are separated and married to different entities, the income of a new spouse is not included in calculating the amount.

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The amount of help to the children can also be changed on such expenses, such as health care, dental care, or the childcare in which the parents should attend the work or school meetings.

In this case, the proportion amount gets split. Even though the division of amount gets also split is decided by the court.

In the other children’s case, the calculations can also be changed. The children belong to other relationships are also included in the amount while dividing. Well, the stepchildren are not considered because these children are not in terms of legalities in Colorado.

Modification of the Child Support in Colorado

The standard child support Colorado can also be modified. When the supportive orders are passed legally, then parents are eligible to deal with the legal problems. Well, the help of children will never set permanently.

It can fluctuate over time and under different circumstances. If in case the circumstances get changed, then the amount can also fluctuate quickly. It all depends upon the current scenarios for the modification.

For the modified and new child support Colorado, the monthly cycle change should be at least 10%. In case the modification is approved, it will redirect to the date when you get into the motion. If the parent is interested in filing for the modification, then they must have the documents like:

  • Sworn Financial Statement
  • Certificate of compliance with Mandatory Financial Disclosure
  • Support order
  • The stipulation regarding the supportive modification
  • Verified motion to modify the orders

One must access these forms for the medications in their supportive orders. If you do not know how to file for the modification, you can consult the lawyers for the same. When you hire the lawyer, he will help you in the entire process even.

Colorado child support guidelines

The child support states that the child will get financial and emotional support when needed from both parents.

This support’s guidelines say that the child will get the exact financial support from both the parents, which they would have received if they live with both the parents. This support is basically in the form of money, which they give to the children to achieve a better future.

When it comes to calculating the amount of kid support, it is calculated under restricted and complicated guidelines. The parents can make their agreements of the support for the child.

If the parents’ agreement is not made under the supportive guidelines, the court will reject your agreements. It is very important to make the agreements under the guidelines.

  • It subjects the ability of parents to pay for their children.
  • It ensures the continuous treatment of the person in the same circumstances.
  • Improvements in the process of court for promoting the settlements.
  • The support is calculated based on the combined gross income of both the parents.
  • Include the extra medical and health expenses.
  • Work-related child care cost.
  • Do not forget to determine the income.

Apart from the guidelines, the Colorado Child Support Worksheet helps in calculating the amount. Even though, follow the Colorado child support table to know about the amount to pay for the children’s support. When you calculate the amount, make sure to use the Colorado Child Support Formula for the same.

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What about the support of low-income parents?

In case the combined income of parents is too low under $1100, then parents will be receiving some minimum support obligations from the court. It is done unless the parents will spend at least 93 overnights. The obligations parents will receive are:

$50 for a single child, $70 for 2 children, $90 for 3 children, $110 for 4 children, $130 for 5 children, and $150 for 6 or more children.

It is applied when the parents are full-time students or medically unable to go on work.

What about the support of high-income parents?

The child support guidelines will go on its maximum when both parents’ combined income is above $30000. The court would apply for the supportive orders if the parents had an exact income of $30000.

“The Judge may utilize prudence to decide youngster uphold in conditions where consolidated balanced gross salary surpasses the highest degrees of the timetable of essential kid uphold commitments; then again, actually the possible fundamental kid uphold commitment will not be short of what it would be founded on the most significant level of balanced gross pay set out in the timetable of essential kid uphold commitments.

Health care child support adjustments

Commonly, a business supported arrangement will have “levels” of inclusion, contingent on who is secured. The youngsters’ offer is the extra expense for guaranteeing the kids.

For instance, along these lines, if the mother is giving medical coverage, and the expense for her alone is $400/mo, and the expense for mother and all kids is $700/mo, the kids’ offer is the extra $300/mo cost.

Know about the extra medical expenses

Medical coverage doesn’t take care of all expenses – there will be co-pays and different installments towards the deductible, which should be apportioned between the guardians.

These are known as “unprecedented costs,” and per C.R.S. 14-10-115(10)(h), the exceptional clinical costs in the abundance of $250 per youngster every year are separated between the gatherings corresponding to their wages.

How to get the first step to get the order for child support?

Parents need to support their children. Suppose the order is not passed yet, and apart from that, it is, however, to decide who is the actual parents of the child. It is hard to find a father instead of finding a mother.

In case the parents are married when the childbirth, it is quite easier to find the father. Usually, the court assumes that the present mother and father are the child’s parents if it is born in between the marriage.

In case the father is not married to the mother, in that case, he gets under the “Acknowledgement of Paternity.” It establishes paternity, which means the bond between the father and child. The legal findings will be accomplished within 60 days after signing up.

In case the mother is not married to the father, and even the father is also not signing up for the acknowledgment, it will take much time than expected. In case the father refuses to be the child’s parent, the mother can ask the court to find out the truth.

When to stop the payment of child support?

The payment of the support of the child ends when the child turns to 19 or 21. Apart from that, it ends when the child is emancipated, which usually happens when the child gets into military duty.

In case the child is physically or mentally disabled, then the age of supporting payments when needed. The support continues if the child has not completed his graduation yet.

What if the support amount is too much than expected?

In case the co child support calculator is showing too much amount for the support; in that case, the parents can ask for the deviation from the court at the time. If the court feels like the amount can be decreased, it happens for the child’s support in earlier.

Final Words

The Colorado Child support calculator is helpful to know how much one has to pay for kid support. If you want to access the same, then visit and get to know about what you needed for the support.

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