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Up till Jan 1, 2007, Georgia usually calculates the kid support on the base of sole non-custodial parent income through GA child support calculator. The support amount is divided in percentage, which ranges between the numbers of children, as mentioned in the court order for the same. On Jan 1, 2007; the laws for support in Georgia has been changed. On the date, many factors got mandatory to be considered to calculate the supporting amount for the non-custodial parents. All the new factors are now relevant to know the new child-support Georgia.

There is a specific Georgia Child Support Worksheet used by the legislative branch, which helps to calculate the amount for now. The Georgia Child Support Guidelines says that both parent’s gross income requires now to be considered for the calculations. To calculate the total gross income, the income from all the sources must be regarded as before deducting the taxes. It includes the income, but that is not limited to the salary, bonuses, commissions, income from self-employment, capital gains income, social security income, unemployment, and others.

Child Support Calculator Georgia

To know for the entire payment amount, one needs to mention the gross income of both parents and the number of children in the worksheet. The worksheet will itself show the presumptive amount for a child to pay. This presumptive amount is the payment parents need to pay for the health, maintenance, and entire care of the child.

Know about Child-Support Factors

The calculation via GA Child-Support Calculator does not end up here. In the worksheet, there are many other factors also the parents have to use to know the actual exact amount. The vast factor that must be mentioned is how much child support in Georgia to pay by each parent for the help of their children is. Earlier it has been considered that the custodial parents will pay the entire amount for childcare. But now after the Jan 1, 2007 changes; according to Georgia, guidelines says that the childcare expenses are divided as per the pro-rata share of their income.

For example; in case the father is paying $300 for the support, then the mother has to pay 60% of $300. There are different other factors also included; like as, medical expenses, education expenses, dental expenses, vision expenses, insurance premiums, and different other expenses too. Even though the extra curriculum activities expenses are also considered in the supporting amount.

Parents Name
Wages & Income
Non-Custodial Parent
Custodial Parent

What about the deviations on the Georgia kid Support Guidelines

In the new guidelines of support, the deviations are also given. There are some deviations which are specified, but still, there are a few deviations which are not specified yet. These deviations might be awarded or agreed by both the parties. Among all the deviations, one common is the parenting time deviation. In this deviation, the parent who is supporting the kid has the parenting time, which should be equal to 20.8% of the standard visitation. By the day’s end, the court will normally not enter any deviations to a kid support worksheet except if the deviation is resolved to be in the minor child eventual benefits.

Know about the Georgia Child Support Formula

Check out the adjusted gross income of each parent.

Include your month to month available pay from tax, pay, joblessness benefits, Social Security and different sources, barring government welfare for the child. Take away any qualification deduction; like as kid support, you get for other Child. The outcome is your balanced month to month net pay. Rehash the cycle with the other parent’s information to get their adjusted monthly gross income. 

Aggregate the monthly income of both parents 

When you come to know about the income of each parent; then it is the high time to aggregate both parents income sooner.

Find the percentage for each parent.

After combining the gross income, now divide the adjusted monthly gross income to find out the kid support percentage in Georgia of each parent to pay for the child. 

Consider the aggregate basic support obligation.

Check out the basic obligation table of the kid support. Position the aggregate monthly gross income. Now consider the number of children you have. The calculated figure will come in the aggregate basic supportive obligation. 

Determine each parent’s support obligation 

After this, take the aggregate basic support income, and multiply it with each parent’s income. It will allow getting the individual basic support obligation. 

Modifications in the kid suppport:

In Georgia, if any parent wants to modify their support; they need to ask from the court for the same. Once the order is active for 3 years, you can ask for modifications from the department. If anyone wants the modification; they must have some important proofs with them; like as:

  • Changes in income 
  • Loss in the business or employment 
  • Imprisonment
  • Disability 
  • Child turning 18

 The court usually charges $100 for the modification. On this, they receive welfare also of $1000 or even less per month too.

What enforcement is? 

In case any child-support is missing; the parents have to bring back to the court. If the parent is of 60 or above; the court can suspend their driving license. In other punishments for the same mistake, the parent can receive imprisonment, or it can include seizure in the wages.

Keep the tack of payments and expenses.

To keep track of payments and to receive the supportive amount, the records are with the Custody x Change App. On this app, all the payment and receiving records exist, which helps to know the child-related expenses made by parents on them.

One has to log on to the parenting expense track if you want to return to the court. In case you want to provide any attachment or file to other parent or court; this can help you in that case also.

Final Words

Hope you got enough information about the GA Child Support Calculator up till now. Now make sure to follow all the demonstrated details to bring the best out for you as well as for your child. Make the future of your kid brighter by contributing kid support to them. So if you actually want to know how to calculate child-support in Georgia, then make sure to use the mentioned guide above to find the right and perfect solution for you. 

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